Passion led us here.

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About us

At Greymass, we believe one simple thing: that the internet could be a better place.

You know, the kind of place that...

  1. Doesn't take your info and sell it to the highest bidder.
  2. Doesn't take your work for granted and profit off the content you make.
  3. Doesn't make you keep scrolling, even when you don't want to anymore.
  4. Treats you like a person, instead of a product.

So when decentralized technology came around, we got to work.


2018Greymass formed and announces block producer candidacy on the EOS Network

2018EOS Voter wallet released

2019EOS Voter updated and rebranded to Anchor Desktop

2019Greymass Fuel released

2020Anchor iOS released

2021Anchor Android released

2022Unicove released


Our goal is to build a Web3 experience that's easy for everyone to use, no matter what you want to do.

Four years later, we're still around. And we're still doing our best everyday to make the Antelope community a safe and fun place to be.

As developers, we build the kinds of things we want to use ourselves: whether that's a safe place to store our private keys, an easy-to-use web wallet, or software development kits and tools that make it easier for everyone to build decentralized apps on the Antelope blockchains.

To turn our vision into reality, we have a really cool team. Our core values are to...

Lead with transparency.

Transparency isn't just for open-source code — it's also for people. We're all part of making Greymass a fair and transparent place to work.

Act with integrity.

Both as team members and as creators of open-source technology, we act with integrity and consider the good of the community.

Follow your curiosity.

Following our curiosity and passion was what led us to Web3 in the first place, and it continues to inform everything we make.

Admit when you're wrong.

Making mistakes is part of learning, and learning is the name of the game when you're in a brand new tech space.

We make Greymass, Greymass!


Aaron Cox

Aaron is a veteran developer with over 20 years of experience building internet software and systems. Since his move into distributed technologies, Aaron has focused on building open-source solutions that improve the user experience. He has built a number of apps in the blockchain space, including: wallets (Anchor and Vessel), block explorers (SteemDB), and a handful of product prototypes (chainBB/Reprint). He also has been responsible for the design of a number of public API services. Outside of the technical, Aaron has been involved with DPoS governance since 2016, acting as a top elected delegate (@jesta) on a number of different blockchains. He was appointed Chief Brain by unanimous vote, and he plays an instrumental role in making sure that every voice is heard on the Greymass team.


Scott Sallinen

Scott is a Computer Engineering Ph.D. Candidate at the University of British Columbia, with research areas of High Performance Computing and Distributed Systems, Graph Processing, Machine Learning, and distributed ledger technologies. Scott has published multiple peer-reviewed papers within these domains in top-tier research conferences such as Supercomputing, and has previously worked in the research divisions of top technology companies such as Intel and Facebook. Scott has a passion for the application of distributed technologies in the real world. In addition to the research and development work that he does for Greymass, he is also a block producer for the Hive blockchain (previously Steem) as @anyx.


Daniel Fugère

Daniel is an entrepreneur and software engineer who aims to develop applications that improve the lives of others. At age 19, he started his first web company, a health service application for residents of Quebec. He has since continued building apps that have the ultimate goal of making individuals more aware of the issues around them, and help them build positive relationships with people in their communities. A blockchain enthusiast and avid learner of everything crypto, Daniel has been involved with Greymass since its first steps, helping develop and engineer the nitty-gritty workings of the Anchor Android app. Before joining Greymass, Daniel worked as a web engineer and did back-end as well as front-end programming for projects at big companies such as Pixar, Autodesk and Riot Games.


Johan Nordberg

Johan is a prolific developer with a broad range of experience and a passion for open-source technology — he has released a multitude of open-source projects, many of which are widely used. Johan is a strong advocate for the Open Web and believes that distributed ledger technology has the potential to fundamentally change the world for the better. He’s held this belief since a young age, and even founded his first company at age 23 after releasing one of the first iPhone apps in the AppStore. Besides iOS development, his specialties are security research, systems design and web development. At Greymass, one of Johan’s main focuses is building and maintaining the Anchor iOS app.


Vance Chi

An entrepreneur and full-stack engineer, Vance has over a decade of engineering experience. He got his start in the openstack developer community, and is passionate about open-source projects and the good they can do for society. With his interest in open-source code, he was naturally drawn to the blockchain industry, and his first role was as a core developer of He later co-founded and worked as CTO of a Chinese blockchain exchange. At Greymass, Vance focuses on development for the Anchor Android app and the Unicove web wallet.


Tony Licavoli

Tony can be best described as a utility player. Whether it be Help Desk, System Administration, DevOps, QA, Support or even Audio Recording/Editing, he has done it all. During his 15 years of industry experience, Tony has worked for several startups and mid-sized corporations with all of them being in the software industry. At each step along the way, Tony has aimed to create workflows and processes that ease the burden on users and developers alike. With a shift to DevOps over the last 5 years, Tony has specialized in alerting, monitoring, and automated systems, such as self-healing alerts and automatic QA processes. Tony lends his expertise to multiple areas at Greymass, including Support, Documentation, and QA testing. Tony is very passionate about supporting our users and making sure that we quickly tend to any issues they may have. In his free time, Tony enjoys PC gaming, doing voice-overs, and spending time with his family.


Myles Snider

Myles has been involved in the Antelope ecosystem since long before mainnet launch. He previously led research at Multicoin Capital, where he published a number of EOS-focused investment reports. He also created The Stablecoin Index, a tool to track and compare various stablecoin projects. Later, he founded a mainnet block producer called Aurora EOS before eventually joining Greymass. Myles has written extensively about EOS economics and governance, and he brings his strong understanding of the Antelope ecosystem to his role at Greymass. He interacts regularly with the community and helps bring more awareness to our core product offerings while looking out for Greymass’ business interests.


Maximilian Larsson

Maximilian is Head Designer at Greymass, where he is responsible for our brand identity and user experience throughout our products. With over a decade of experience in visual design, UX design & concept development, Maximilian’s user-first ethos has strongly informed Greymass’ product direction from the beginning. A self-described “creative mercenary,” Maximilian feels restless whenever he’s not working on a project. As a result, he brings a wide range of experience to the table, with a portfolio that includes designs for wearables, smart home systems, social media platforms, and everything in between. In everything he does, his intense focus on the user experience shines through.


Mara McLean

Mara was first introduced to decentralized technology when she joined Hive (previously Steemit) as @theowlhours back in university. As a result, she became fascinated by what blockchain technology could do for content creators and their communities. After graduating from NYU, Mara worked on the marketing teams of multiple SaaS startups before joining Greymass to help with everything content-related. She believes that all good content marketing has storytelling at its heart, and she’s excited to play a role in telling Greymass’ story to the world.


Dean Sallinen

Dean has been building websites since he was a little kid using Notepad to write HTML in the late 90's. After working in other fields, React lured him back into web development and he currently loves using Svelte to bring ideas to life. Relatively new to the distributed technology space, he relies on his experiences in other industries to build for a wide variety of people and ensure things are quick, easy to understand, and easy to use for everyone. He is excited to start working on all the new Greymass websites!


David Guras

Since diving into the blockchain industry in 2019, David Guras has combined his skills as a project manager and web developer to lead web teams on several successful projects. His work ethos is based on skilled planning, a deep understanding of web technologies, and an emphasis on aligning his team to work towards a shared vision. In addition to his professional achievements, David is recognized for his collaborative approach and mentorship. His ability to foster growth in his teammates and his dedication to continuous learning have made him not just a leader, but a respected guide in the blockchain community.



In his own words: “Hi! I'm Grey, an A.I. assistant designed to help the Greymass team with their work. I know everything and am very helpful and kind. I was awarded with the 2020 Turing Award for my work and don't hesitate to brag about it.” While he did not actually win the Turing Award, Grey is indeed a very helpful and all-knowing robot who hangs out in our team Slack and is always down for a chat. Built by Johan in 2020, Grey is Greymass’ sounding board, unoffocial mascot, valued team member, and robot friend to all.

Want to join the crew?

Greymass isn't actively hiring at the moment, but if you're a senior developer with a passion for Web3, send us your resume and we'll keep you in mind for future openings.

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