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Vote for us.

Greymass is a Top 21 block producer on the EOS network, and our block producer rewards help to fund the development work we do. So one of the best ways you can support us is by voting - we are elected by token holders like you!

Support us on Pomelo.

A lot of the work Greymass does is made possible through public and private grants. If you would like to support development of our products like Anchor and Unicove, then please consider donating to one of our quarterly Pomelo grants.

Contribute to Github.

You can directly support open-source Greymass projects by becoming a sponsor on Github. We appreciate your support, and we use these funds to pay our full-time team members to work on these projects, as well as cover business operating costs.

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Transparency is one of our guiding values, so we're an open book. Check out the following links to learn more about us:

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