Passion led us here.

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About us

At Greymass, we believe one simple thing: that the internet could be a better place.

You know, the kind of place that...

  1. Doesn't take your info and sell it to the highest bidder.
  2. Doesn't take your work for granted and profit off the content you make.
  3. Doesn't make you keep scrolling, even when you don't want to anymore.
  4. Treats you like a person, instead of a product.

So when decentralized technology came around, we got to work.


2018Greymass formed and announces block producer candidacy on the EOS Network

2018EOS Voter wallet released

2019EOS Voter updated and rebranded to Anchor Desktop

2019Greymass Fuel released

2020Anchor iOS released

2021Anchor Android released

2022Unicove released


Our goal is to build a Web3 experience that's easy for everyone to use, no matter what you want to do.

Four years later, we're still around. And we're still doing our best everyday to make the Antelope community a safe and fun place to be.

As developers, we build the kinds of things we want to use ourselves: whether that's a safe place to store our private keys, an easy-to-use web wallet, or software development kits and tools that make it easier for everyone to build decentralized apps on the Antelope network.

To turn our vision into reality, we have a really cool team. Our core values are to...

Lead with transparency.

Transparency isn't just for open-source code — it's also for people. We're all part of making Greymass a fair and transparent place to work.

Act with integrity.

Both as team members and as creators of open-source technology, we act with integrity and consider the good of the community.

Follow your curiosity.

Following our curiosity and passion was what led us to Web3 in the first place, and it continues to inform everything we make.

Admit when you're wrong.

Making mistakes is part of learning, and learning is the name of the game when you're in a brand new tech space.

We make Greymass, Greymass!


Aaron Cox

Aaron is a veteran developer with over 20 years of experience building internet software and systems. Since his move into distributed technologies, Aaron has focused on building open-source solutions that improve the user experience. He has built a number of apps in the blockchain space, including: wallets (Anchor and Vessel), block explorers (SteemDB), and a handful of product prototypes (chainBB/Reprint). He also has been responsible for the design of a number of public API services. Outside of the technical, Aaron has been involved with DPoS governance since 2016, acting as a top elected delegate (@jesta) on a number of different blockchains. He was appointed Chief Brain by unanimous vote, and he plays an instrumental role in making sure that every voice is heard on the Greymass team.

Like what you see?

Greymass is always looking for bright minds to join our team.

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