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Solutions for users:

Our Anchor and Unicove products are designed to be used together for the simplest Web3 experience (but you can also use them separately).

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Your account for Antelope.

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The Anchor Authenticator helps you securely create an account and log in to apps on any Antelope-based blockchain. Anchor is:

  • Private. We can't see any info you put into Anchor - it's for your eyes only.
  • Secure. Anchor keeps your private keys safe with the strongest encryption available,so you never need to worry about them.
  • Easy to use. Signing into apps is as simple as scanning a QR code or clicking a link.
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Your web wallet.

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Your Anchor account unlocks Unicove, an easy-to-use web wallet that gives you full control of your tokens. With Unicove, you can:

  • Create transactions. Send and receive tokens with the push of a button.
  • Manage your accounts. See all your accounts in one place.
  • Monitor your activity. Explore blocks, control resources, and surf Web3 with ease.

Building on the blockchain. Simplified.

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Wharf gives you the tools to build any Antelope web app you can imagine, with three modular SDKs:

  • The Contract Kit. Create transactions and gives you access to smart contract data.
  • The Session Kit. Makes signing transactions and establishing sessions easy.
  • The Account Kit. Helps you to manage account resources and information.

Solutions for developers:

We offer a wide range of resources that make it faster and easier to build on Antelope-based blockchains.

Developer Toolbox

All the tools that make our developers' lives easier.

We believe no one should have to reinvent the wheel when building on the blockchain. That’s why our Github is one big communal toolbox, with tools like:

  • Common libraries for Antelope developers using Javascript or Swift
  • The EOSIO Signing Request (ESR) that generates transactions for users to sign
  • Shortcuts to help you integrate Anchor into your projects
  • API services

Public APIs

The data you need, when you need it.

We provide public API nodes, free of charge, for developers and apps to use when interacting with the following blockchains:

  • EOS
  • Proton
  • Telos
  • FIO & FIO Testnet
  • WAX & WAX Testnet
  • Jungle3 Testnet

Quick, easy access to blockchain history.

Roborovski (or Robo, for short) is a scalable blockchain history provider that can rebuild transaction indexes in record time.

Robo is used in the backend of multiple Greymass products, and fuels the majority of Antelope block explorers through our history data APIs. While it's currently closed source, we're working towards opening Robo up to the developer community in the future.

Resource management made simple.

Network resources can trip up a lot of people in the Antelope community. That's why we made Fuel: a turn-key solution for app developers that allows you to cover your users' resource costs.

Any application can integrate Fuel (for free!) to give their users 5ms of free CPU time, or you can opt to cover your users' full resource costs as a paid service.

Need any help?

Find how-to articles and get assistance with our products in our Support Portal.

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