Code of Conduct

All of the work that we do here at Greymass is informed by our core values of Reliability, Engagement, and Trust — and our code of conduct is no exception. The commitments we make within this code of conduct apply to all Greymass employees, as well as all of our projects and endeavors as block producers and developers for the EOS blockchain. All statements within this code of conduct have been personally approved by the proprietors of Greymass. However, these commitments are not to be conflated with a legally binding contract and are subject to change.


Greymass prides itself on offering reliable block production and other services for the EOS community. With our main data center in Michigan, USA and backup data centers in Kentucky, USA; Vancouver, Canada; and Frankfurt, Germany - we have strategically built an infrastructure that is reliable even when facing regional outages or localized attacks. Should this model ever prove unreliable, we are committed to changing and adapting our system to resolve the issue

Our Products

We strive to create products and offer services for the EOS ecosystem that are reliable and address demonstrable needs and desires from the community. With a team of talented and experienced developers, you can rest assured that anything created by Greymass is high-quality, safe to use, and reliable. In addition to creating tools that enhance all users’ blockchain experience, we pledge to release updates whenever necessary to make sure that our products not only start out as reliable, but remain reliable over time.


Greymass pledges to always remain an active and responsible member of the EOS community. We commit to actively listening and engaging with the community, so that we can understand the thoughts and concerns of users. When any member of the Greymass team speaks to a member of the EOS community, they will be respectful, truthful and transparent, and will answer all questions to the best of their abilities.

We will take these conversations into account when developing new projects. Not only that, but we encourage community members to help us develop our projects too; all of our products are and will be open source, and we welcome additions and improvements from independent developers.


One of the guiding ideas at Greymass is that for a blockchain to be successful, it must have an active and well-informed community behind it. We believe in empowering token-holders to directly participate in blockchain governance. Our eos-voter tool is a direct example of this belief, and we commit to creating more applications, services, and frameworks that will help the voices of token-holders be heard.


We pledge to be a trustworthy block producer, and to always act with the utmost integrity. We will always ensure that we have the infrastructure and technical ability to produce blocks and secure the network. If infrastructure failures should ever occur, we will treat the issue as our highest priority and address the failure swiftly and effectively.

In addition to meeting all block production requirements, we will never engage in any act that could be detrimental to the EOS system. Some examples of behaviors that fit this description are: double signing blocks, operating without sufficient protection of user data, or colluding with other block producers to put our interests above those of the EOS community.

Finally, we commit to full developer transparency. All of our code is open-source and security audits are welcome.