Web SDK Developer

Greymass is looking for an experienced developer focused on modern web development to help us build the next generation of Antelope web software development kits (SDKs). You will be directly contributing to making Antelope a developer-friendly community that can foster the next generation of blockchain-based technologies, by creating tools that make it easy to build on Antelope-based chains.

About the role:

  • You will be responsible for multiple existing protocols by Greymass, including the EOSIO Signing Request (ESR), Anchor Link/Buoy, and Request for Permission – additional information can be found on our Github
  • You will be a main contributor to SDKs that Greymass is developing for the Antelope ecosystem, including a Starter Kit for new developers, a Web Client SDK (for API access, sessions, and transactions), and a core library for Antelope data
  • You will also help to create an application registry for blockchain app discovery and verification

What we’re looking for:

  • Experience with TypeScript/JavaScript
  • Experience with modern JS bundlers (rollup, webpack, etc.)
  • Experience with web frameworks for SDK compatibility (Svelte, ReactJS, Vue, etc)
  • Comfortable working in an independent and self-directed manner

About Greymass:

Greymass is an expert team of researchers and developers who passionately believe that the internet (and the world) can be a better place, and that distributed ledger technology will help us get there. Our objective is to empower developers with the tools they need to create products and services for – and to help users participate in – decentralized communities. We’re the creators of open-source products including Anchor, Unicove, and multiple core-level software development kits for Antelope.

As a company, we’re committed to helping people build the careers they want while maintaining a productive and enjoyable work environment. Everyone at Greymass is dedicated to our values of leading with transparency, acting with integrity, following your curiosity, and admitting when you’re wrong. While Greymass is a 100% remote company with team members in North America, Europe, and Asia, we’re a tight-knit group and make sure that the distance doesn’t get in the way of building real connections with each other.

Interested in this position?

Please send us a short personal introduction, your resume, and a Github portfolio showcasing your work.

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